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1.A.soup        B. some      C.swim

2.A.ride         B.light       C.climb

3.A.cake        C.sweets         B.picture       C.people

5.A. panda      B.plane    C. please 


( )1.A.We’re going to visit Hainan.   B. We’re going to visit shanghai.

  2.A.I like playing football.        B. I like playing basketball.

( )3.A.You can see his face now.    B. You can see her face now. 

( )4.A.She’s riding a bike.      B. He’s reading a book.

( )5.A.Do you want some rice?      B. Can I have some noodles? 


(  )Here is yellow one.

(  )They are watching TV.

(  ) Can I have some sweets?

(  ) The train is down the hill.

(  ) We’re going by plane.  


(  )1. Can I have some fruit,please?

(  )2.I’m hungry.

(  )3.Amy is going to swim.

(  )4.My father is reading a book.

(  )5.It is eating vegetables.

             读写部分( 共65分)


(    )  1.  bear     near      (    )  horse  

(    ) 3.   right    light     (    4.some   clock

(    ) 5.  there     month


1. A.girl       B. sheep         C. horse

2.A.bread      B. soup          C. hungry

3. A.cook       B. vegetable        C. fruit

4.A.sweets       B. basketball      C. cake

5.A. play      B. brother        C. sister


1.We’re going to ____ Hainan tomorrow.

A. visit    B. I    C. me

( )2.—Do you want some rice?


      A. you please      B. thank you     C. sorry

( )3.—What are they doing?

 — They’re ________a dragon boat.

A.doing     B. rowing        C. reading

( )4.Lily can’t ________fast.      B. have   C. turn

( )5.—There _______a girl under the tree..

A.are     B. am       C. is

 (   )6.-----What are you going to do?

------I’m going to ____ in the sea.

A.swims   B. swimming  C. swim

(    ) 7. It’s dark.please turn ___ the light.

A.left       B .right      C. on

(    ) 8. There___ a tiger and three lions in the photo.

A. is      C. are

(    ) 9. -----Can I come in?  -----yes,_____

A.Of course    B. thank you  C.  I can

(    ) 10.-----Can I have some ___?  -----No, _____

A.bread;you can   B. meats; thank you  C. soup; thank you


( )1. What are you going to do?

( )2.Where are you, Tom?

( )3.Who’s the girl?

( )4.What are you doing,Sam?

( )5.Can you run fast?

A. I’m behind the tree.

B. I am watching TV.

C. Oh, it’s Lingling.

D. I’m going to run the 100 metres.

E. Yes, I can.


can’t,    taking,    far,    swim,    behind

1. He is going to  _______________.

2. Sam is ___________pictures.

3. I_________ see her face.

4. Where are you?

I’m_________ you.(在你身后)

I can jump __________.


1.There is a horse in this photo.It’s ___________________fast.

2.I’m going to swim in the ______________.

3.We’re going to ______________________at 5 o’clock.

4.Lingling is going to __________________a boat.

5.There is a cat.It’s ______________________a tree.


Hello,I’m Daming. I have got some nice photos.Let’s have a look.There is a big tree in the photo.There are some birds in the tree.They are singing.There is a cat.It’s eating meat.There are two boys under the tree.They’re playing chess.Who are they? They’re Sam and me.


  )1.Daming has got some nice photos.

 (   ) 2.There is a bird in the tree.

 (    ) 3. There are some cats in the photo.

(   ) 4. The cat is eating meat.

(   ) 5. Daming and Sam are playing chess.


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