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A. Ok, that's great!           B. I want to see a movie!

C. What day is it today?        D. We can fly kites in the park.

E. No, I don't.





At home...

Mom:     ________________________________________

Ben: It's Saturday. Mom, I'm bored.

Mom: What do you want to do, Ben?

Ben:     ________________________________________

Mom: Sorry, dear! I have to wash the clothes. Do you want to read books?

Ben:     ________________________________________

Mom: Wait me for a moment! Let's go to the park!

Ben:    ________________________________________ I like flying kites.

Mom:     ________________________________________


Whose    Tony's    mine   blue    yours

A:           shoes are these? Are they yours?

B:No, they are not          .My shoes are yellow.

A:Are these shoes      ?

B:Maybe they are. His shoes are        .

A:Tony, are these shoes         ?

B:Yes, they are.


A. Let's go!              B. My hobby is singing.       C. No, I don't.

C. What are you doing?   D. I like playing basketball.





In the morning...

A: Hello, Tony!     _______________________________

B: I am singing.     _______________________________

Ben, What do you like doing?

A: I don't know.

B: Do you like painting?

A:    _______________________________ Hmm. I like ice skating.

B: Do you have another hobby?

A:     _______________________________

B: OK. Let's play basketball together.

A: Great.     _______________________________





Today is Lisa's birthday. She is ten years old now. Her mother gives her a birthday cake. Her father gives her a dress. Her brother, Sam, gives her a doll. Lisa likes the presents very much.

The family have dinner in a restaurant. Then they go to see a movie in a movie theater. Lisa is very happy.

      1. Lisa is ten years old today.

      2. Lisa's mother gives her a dress.

      3. Sam is Lisa's friend.

      4. Sam gives Lisa a doll.

      5. They go to see a movie in a restaurant.

二、阅读理解,下面句子与短文内容相符的写“T”,不相符的写“F”。 (5)

Hi, my name is  Ann .  I am  nine.  I am a tall girl.  Today is  Sunday.  It’s  my  birthday.  I  don’ t  go  to  school.  My  father  and  my  mother  take  me  to  the  zoo.  There  are  many  animals(动物)  at  the  zoo.  They  are  very  fun.  I  like  them  very  much.

(   )1. Today Ann doesn’t go to school.

(   )2. Today is Monday.

(   )3. There are four people in Ann’s family.

(   )4. Ann likes the animals.

(   )5. Ann goes to the zoo with friends.


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