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   1. tomatoes       2. horse         3. potatoes

   4. sheep        5. carrots       6. hen

   7. cow         8. green beans           


   1. Look at the sheep.      cute.

         A. they are        B. They are       C. Are they

   2. -----Mr Wang, how many      do you have? 


         A. sheep          B. horse         C. cow

   3. -----Are these ducks?  -----     .They’re hens.

         A. Yes,they are             B. No,these aren’t

         C.No,they aren’t

   4. ----- The rabbits like eating    .

         A. potatoes       B. tomatoes        C. carrots

   5. There      five oranges on the table.

         A. is            B. are            C. have

   6. This is Lily’s book. Let’s     .

         A. have a look    B. look        C. look at

   7. Tina      a beautiful bike.

         A. have          B. has         C. is

   8. -----What are those?  -----    .

         A. They are horse.       B. They’re tomatoes.

         C. These are sheep.

   9. I      like green beans.

         A. don’t       B. not         C. doesn’t

   10. There are ten cows     .

         A. on the farm    B. of the farm    C. for the farm


   1. What are those?                A. 这是我的农场。

   2. Are these sheep?                B. 这些事胡萝卜。

   3. These are carrots.               C. 这些是绵羊吗?

   4. This is my farm.                D. 那些是什么? 

   5. They’re cute.                   E. 不,不是。它们是奶牛。

   6. No,they aren’t. They’re cows.     F. 它们很可爱。


    At the farm, there are eleven          (母牛),seventeen         (马),some          (母鸡)and          (绵羊). Look at the garden! Those are          (土豆),            (西红柿)and            (胡萝卜)over there. This is my farm. It’s so big!


   1. these        what        are         ?


   2. those        are         potatoes     ?


   3. are          they        big       so      !


   4. don’t        carrots      like       I      .


   5. to        eat       love      tomatoes     I    .



   Hi, I’m Mary. Welcome to my farm. My farm is very big. There are many animals and vegetables at the farm. I have 20 cows, 15 sheep, 50 hens and 18 horses. Look at the tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. They are good. We have green beans, too. I like tomatoes best. They are yummy. I love my farm very much.

   1. Mary has a      farm.

         A. big           B. small           C. clean 

   2. Mary has twenty      and fifteen     .

         A. sheep; hens    B. cows;horses   C. cows;sheep 

   3. How many horses at the farm?

         A. 15            B. 20             C. 18 

   4. We can’t see      at the farm.

         A. dogs          B. cows           C. carrots 

   5. Mary’s favourite vegetables are     .

         A. potatoes      B. tomatoes     C. Green beans 

   6. Mary      the farm very much.

         A. like          B. likes          C. Doesn’t like 



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