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Part I  Listening Comprehension(听力部分)35%

I. Listen and choose (选出你听到的内容) 10

(    ) 1. A. pear                              B. peach                                   C. plum

(    ) 2. A. these                               B. this                            C. those

(    ) 3. A. beside                       B. teach                        C. bench

(    ) 4. A. east                           B. west                             C. wet

(    ) 5. A. a swimming class     B. a swimsuit          C. a swimming cap

(    ) 6. A. cherry juice                    B. strawberry juice            C. grape juice

(    ) 7. A. sit around                       B. around the park            C. walk around

(    ) 8. A. He likes bones and meat.     B. He likes chocolate.    

                    C. He likes milk.

(    ) 9. A. Pam took her dog to maths camp and taught him how to add.

          B. Pam takes her dog to math camp and teaches him how to add.

          C. Pam, take your dog to math camp and teaches him how to add.

(    ) 10. A. Laura can find her purse.     B. Laura can’t find her purse

                 C. Laura can’t find the purse.

 II. Listen and choose (听问句选答句)  5

(    )  1.  A. Yes, it is.          B. No, it’s a sketchbook.  C. It’s a picture book.

(    ) 2.  A. It is a watermelon.  B. It’s a grape.          C. It’s a strawberry.

(    ) 3.  A. OK.             B. Thank you.           C. Here you are.

(    ) 4.  A. He is sad.                 B. He is angry.                   C. He is happy.

(    ) 5.  A. He’s making a model plane.      B. He makes a model plane.

         C. He likes making a model plane.

III. Listen and choose (听录音,根据问题选择正确的答案) 5

(   ) 1. A. A chick.            B. A bird.            C. A dog.

(   ) 2. A. In the library.        B. Reading books.     C. At home. 

(   ) 3. A. In the pet shop.      B. On the farm.          C. In the zoo.

(   ) 4. A. Grass.          .   B. Carrots.           C. Grass and Carrots.

(   ) 5. A. Yes, they are.                 B. Yes, there are.          C. No, there aren’t.

IV. Listen and choose (听录音,选出正确的答案) 5

(   ) 1. How is Kally’s family?  

A. Busy.             B. Free.             C. Noisy.

(   ) 2. What does Kally’s father do? 

A. A doctor.              B. A teacher.              C. A student.

(   ) 3. Where’s Kally’s father on Saturdays and Sundays? 

A. At school.         B. In the library.       C. At home.

(   ) 4. What does Kally do on Monday? 

A. She goes to school.  B. She plays the violin.  C. She watches TV.

(   ) 5. Who learns computer at weekends? 

A. Kally.             B. Kally’s father       C. Kally’s mother

V. Listen and judge (听录音,用TF表示所听到的内容是否正确) 5

(    ) 1. A lot of students like to play ball games.

(    ) 2. All the boys like to play football.

(    ) 3. The students often play ball games in the morning.

(    ) 4. Some girls play football on weekends.

(    ) 5. Playing ball games is good for the students.

VI. Listen and write (听录音,写上正确的答案) 5

   Peter and Danny see a __________ on the wall. There’s a badminton club in the school. They want to __________ it together. Volleyball is their favourite __________.  And they think it’s fun. It makes them healthy too. Alice often __________ badminton with them. Maybe she would __________ to go with them.


Part II  Vocabulary and Grammar (词汇语法)45%

I. Copy the sentences (正确抄写下列句子,注意大小写和标点符号)  5

   taste it        is it a glass of cherry juice or a glass of grape juice





II. Read and judge(判断划线部分发音是否一致,用T/F 表示)5

1. (    )  nurse     juice        2. (    ) hard    ask               

3. (    )  school    book        4. (    ) goat     those       

5. (    )  toy           noise                 

III. Read and fill in the blanks(选择合适的单词,用单词的适当形式填空10%


taste    some      go          do     make    wash        cook     chat



1.      My brother usually ___________to bed early. But now he ___________with me.

2.      --- Look! What ___________ Peter and his father ___________?

--- They ____________ a paper plane. 

3.      —Do you have _______ plums? —Yes, I do.

4.      My father doesn’t ___________ dinner at home.

5.      Look! My hands are dirty. I want to __________ my hands now.

6.      How _______ the green grape _______? It’s sweet too.

IV. Choose the best answer (选出恰当的答案) 10

 (    ) 1. The Chens __________ having a picnic in the park.

           A. is                        B. am                              C. are

 (    ) 2. His sister usually _______ books at night, but now she _______ TV.

          A. reads…watches        B. reading…watching     C. reads…is watching

(    ) 3. ---Swimming is fun. Would you like to come with me?  --- ___________.

           A. Sure. I’d love to.      B. I like running.           C. Yes, I like it.

(    ) 4. I like _________ hot _______.

        A. drink, drinks           B. drinking, drink        C. drinking, drinks

(    ) 5. Hello, I’m Kitty Li. I can play __________ badminton.

A. the                           B. a                                   C. /

(    ) 6. __________ she like __________ a bicycle?

A. Does…ride                   B. Do… riding           C. Does… riding

(    ) 7. Meat is ___________ favourite food.

              A. she                                B. her                                C. she’s

 (    ) 8. Is your T-shirt red _______ white?  Yes, it is.

         A. or      B. and      C. in

(    ) 9. The red apple is sweet. _________ the green one?

       A. How      B. What       C. How about

(    ) 10. In the evening, the tree’s shadow _______long.

        A. grow       B. grows     C. is grows

VI. Rewrite the sentences (按要求改写句子) 15

1.  Danny often draws some tall trees. (改为一般疑问句)

__________ Danny often  ___________  ___________ tall trees?

2.  Maggie usually plays with her friend. (改为现在进行时)

   Maggie ________  ________ with her friend _______.

3.  Do your homework, Danny. (改为否定句)  ______ _____ your homework, Danny.

4.  Does he fly the kite?(改为复数句)________  ________ fly the kite?

5.  She rides a bicycle in the park.(根据划线部分提问)

_________ __________ she __________in the park?

6.  This small cat is Kitty’s.   (根据划线部分提问)

   ________ ________ this small cat?

Part III  Reading and Writing(阅读写作)20%

 I. Read and choose(读一读,选择合适的句子完成对话,ABCDE表示) 5

A.   When can we play football?             B.  How about Alice?

C.   On Monday it’s time for Pingpong         D.  I don’t think so.

E.      Do you like swimming, Ben?            



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