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(    )1、 A. live             B. lost            C. left
(    )2、 A. children         B. China          C. trian    
(    )3、 A. tomato          B. potato          C. talk
(    )4、 A. run             B. running         C. afraid
(    )5、 A. hungry          B. help            C. high

  (    )     (    )    (    )    (    )     (    )
(    ) 1、A. Go straight on.            B. Turn left, then go straight on.
(    ) 2、A. The bus is down the hill.    B. The bus is at the station.
(    ) 3、A. Look at the picture.        B. She is taking pictures.
(    ) 4、A. Do you want some rice?     B. Do you want some ice?
(    ) 5、A. Can you run fast?          B. Can Sam play football?
(    )1、I’m talking to my friend.
(    )2、Let’s get on the train.
(    )3、He want some eggs.
(  )4、Can you run fast?  No, I can’t.
(  )5、Where’s the supermarket?  It’s beside the cinema.
   (  )1. A. train          B. bus         C. down
   (  )2. A. cinema        B. turn         C. supermarket
   (  )3. A. tomato        B. potato        C. interesting
   (  )4. A. winner        B. fast          C. far
   (  )5. A. children        B. men         C. sing
(    )1、It’s ______ the station.
A.    in      B. on      C. at
(    )2、Look, Sam. Here’s a dog. It’s ________.
A. lost         B. live        C. left
(    )3、Amy is listening ________ music. 
A.    on       B. to        C. the 
(    )4、What are you doing? I’m _______ soya milk.
A. eating         B. drink      C. drinking
(    )5、Do you want some rice? ________
A. Yes, thank you.      B. No, I don’t.     C. Yes, please.
(    )6、问一件东西多少钱,应该怎么说?_________
         A. How much is it?   B. How old are you?     C. How many ?
(   )7、“Sam正在照相”这句话应该怎么说:__________
A. Sam is take pictures.          B. Sam is talking.      
C. Sam is taking pictures.
(   )8、“他们正在打太极拳”应该说:___________
      A. They are do taijiquan.          B. They are doing taijiquan.   
C. They are rowing taijiquan.
(   )9、你跟别人比赛跑步,你赢了,你会说:________
A. Aah. I’m the winner.           B. You are the winner. 
C. Can you run fast?
(   )10、“你能跳得高吗”怎么说:_________
A. Can you jump high?            B. Can you run fast?     
C. Can you ride fast?


tr___in      ho___se      danc___     Ch___na     tomat___
1. run  ____________        2. play  _____________
3. read  ___________        4. swim  ____________
5. take  ____________ 

(    )1. What are you doing?         
(    )2. Do you want some juice?
(    )3. Can you run fast?
(    )4. Where’s the supermarket?
(    )5. How much is it?        
Look at these pictures. This is my father. He is reading a book. This is my mother. She is taking pictures. This is my brother. He is running. He is strong. He can run very fast. And this is me. I am riding a bike. I can ride very fast.
(   )1. How many people are there in my family?         
A.    Three.           B. Four.           C. Five.
(   )2. What’s my father doing?
A.    He’s reading a book.             B. He’s cooking.   
C. He’s listening to music.
(   )3. What’s my mother doing?
A.    Running.        B. Swimming.     C. Taking pictures.
(   )4. My brother can _________ very fast.
A.    Jump.             B. Run.          C. Ride a bike.
(   )5. Can I ride very fast?
A.    No, I can’t.          B. No, I can.       C. Yes, I can.

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