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   1n  w      A.a        B.o       C.e      D.r

   2cl__n       B.ea      C.oe     D.eo

   3b_ by     A.a        B.e       C.o      D.s

   4n__d        B.eo

   5cl__d        B.ou


   1A.bedroom       D.bathroom        C.cook        D.stand        B.clean       C.beautiful

   4A.sleeping   B.sitting     C.standing    D.reading

   5A.snow         B.rain         D.wind


   1.Whats in your new house?     A Yes,it is. 

   2.Is he in the kitchen?             BThere are two bedrooms.

   3.What are you doing?            CNo,he isnt.

   4.What are the girls doing?      DIm cooking.

   5.Is it snowing?                 E Theyre singing.


1、in the kitchen___________     2、读书_______________

3、穿上___________            4sing a song_______________

5How beautiful!___________  


read(现在分词)_________      write(现在分词)_________

sit(现在分词)_________        eat(现在分词)_________

listen(现在分词)_________      stand(现在分词)_________

dance(现在分词)_________      big(反义词)_________

beautiful(同义词)_________      glass(复数)_________


1、This is ______(we) new house.

2、There _______(be) a kitchen and two bedroom.

3、There _______(be) two bedroom and a kitchen.

4、-What is he doing?  -He ____     __(sing) a song.

5、Colin is _______(eat) an apple.


    1Li Shan ______ a new house.

       A.does       B.has       C.have       D.having

    2My house is not ______ big.       B. and      C.much       D.very

    3There are two bedrooms. The small bedroom is______ me.       B.for       C.with

    4My new dining room is small ______ beautiful.       B.and       C.or       D.but

    5-Is my mother in the kitchen?    -______.

       A.Yes,she is.       B.No,he isnt.

       C.Yes,he is.       D.Yes,she is in the living room.

    6-______ is he _____?   - She is drawing a picture.

       A.Where,doing    B.What,do   

      C. What,doing   D.Where,do

    7They are ______ music.

       A. listening to      B. hearing     

       C. hearing to      D.listen to

    8Look at the ______ in the sky.

       A.clouds       B. cloudy   C.cloudes      D.clouding

    9______ beautiful it is!

       A.How       B. What      C. Where

    10I ______ making a plane       B. is      C. are


1、He is in the dining room.(变为一般疑问句)

   ______  ______ in the dining room.

2、Is he in the bathroom?(否定回答) _______,______  ______.

3There are two bedrooms.(变为一般疑问句)

     ______  ______ two bedrooms?

4、Alice is singing songs.(对画线部分提问)

  ______  is Alice _______?

5、Colin is in the study.(对画线部分提问)   ______  is Colin?


It is Sunday today. It is sunny. Tom and his parents go to the park to play. There are many people in the park. The old men are playing chess. The old women are talking. The boys are playing football. The girls are singing songs. What are Tom and his father doing? They are flying a kite.Toms mother is reading an English book. How happy they are!

1Its _______ and _______ today.

2The old men are _______ _______.

3The girls are _______ _______.

4What are the boys doing? Theyre _______ _______.

5Tom and his father are _______ _______ _______.


 1cooking  I the  am  in   kitchen   (.)


2 is  not  house  big  My(.)


3the  isnt He in  bathroom(.)


4boy is the  doing What(.)


5often We  watch TV living in the  room (.)



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