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  1.      在语境中学习plant flowers, water flowers, cook, go for a walk等动词词组,通过Guessing game和chant进行操练,能听懂、会说、认读plant flowers, water flowers, cook, go for a walk。

  2.      在对话中学习使用What does he/she like to do? He/She likes to do sth etc.并能运用此句型进行简单的交流。

  3.      在I like to do sth.和He/She likes to do sth.的对比下,初步理解动词第三人称单数的概念。


  1.      Warming-up

  A chant:

  What does your father do?

  Teacher, teacher, he is a teacher.

  What does your mother do?

  Doctor, doctor, she is a doctor.

  What does your uncle do?

  Worker, worker, he is a worker.

  What does your aunt do?

  Nurse, nurse, she is a nurse.


  T: Who’s on duty today?

  S: Introduce their family members: This is … He/She is …years old. He/She has big/small eyes. He/She is a teacher. etc. He/She goes to work by car.etc.

  2.      Presentation

  T: Today we’ll learn to say what they like to do. At last of the class, we will introduce our family members, and say something they like to do. Now let’s watch a video.

  T: Hello! What do you like to do?

  S: I like to …

  T: What does he/she like to do?

  S: He/She likes to …

  T: I have something on this table. You can choose one and say: I like to … Who wants to try? (There is a ping-pong paddle, stove, pan, badminton racket, books, flower pot, and watering pot on the table.)

  S: I like to read. (with some actions)

  S: I like to cook.

  T:What does she/he like to do?

  S: She/He likes to cook.(Take the pan and stove with some actions)

  T: Cook, cook. Can you read these words? Book, look, took

  To use the same way to present plant flowers, water flowers.

  T: What do I like to do?


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